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 Mr Vicky Handa - Handa Musical Academy

Mr Vicky Handa

Several songs from Mr Vicky Handa debut album such as "Khamoshiyan", "Main Tainu Samjhawan", "Hum Dono" went on to become so popular amongst Amravati people.

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Learn Musical Instruments

We teach Guitar, Keyboard, Drum and also provide all Types of Musical Instruments in Amravati and Maharashtra. Our very own Recording Studio is available etc

Come & Learn Music in Western Style

There is no doubt that listening to good music can instantly relax anyone and can put him or her in good mood. Soothing music acts like medicine on blood pressure, heartbeat and brain function. Before going to sleep if one listens to smooth soft music one can have a sound sleep. Moreover, if you are depressed, music helps like magic. Whatever may be your mental condition, just add a little music to your life and see the magic!!

Music is a form of entertainment that puts sounds together in a way that people like or find interesting.

Our Mentor - Late Mr Ashok N. Handa - In 1965, Mr Ashok N. Handa started his music career to entertain the audience with his art i.e. Bongo, Mandolin, Singing, Tabla, Keyboard and Guitar. He became music director in 1971 and used to direct 'Orchestra Sound of Music'. He represents mostly every orchestra group of Amravati of his time as per their requirement. He has mentored the Handa Musical Academy with his experience and love. We pay him rich tributes and he is remembered in our hearts forever - Pay Tributes to Late Mr Ashok N. Handa.